Saturday, April 28, 2012

Huge and Awkward

I couldn't think of a good title for this post. So, I decided to call it exactly how I'm feeling.

I'm 32 weeks pregnant and I know that I still have about 7 1/2 (53 days exactly) weeks to go until my due date....but who's counting....

I am now feeling very awkward and clumsy. To many of my friends, my belly looks small considering in less than 2 months we'll be welcoming our son. But, to those women who have been pregnant before,you know that no matter how "big" or how "small" you measure, being very pregnant makes you feel very large. It's quite amazing actually. The body can stretch and expand and then go right back to the way it was. My hips have expanded and although most people wouldn't notice it, I do. All of this is very normal and I'm not upset in the least. It's part of being pregnant and it's how the body adjusts to carrying a seven or eight pound little person. 

I think that the changes were more shocking when I was pregnant with Mira. This time, I'm embracing the changes with a smile, knowing that they are for a good cause and that things will go back to normal.

Our little man is weighing almost 4lbs (approximately) and has continued to kick up a storm. He's still head down (since 28 weeks) and he's enjoying giving my ribs a good kick every so often. He is certainly going to be our active little guy once he makes his arrival.

We went to the Baby Time Show yesterday and we were quickly overwhelmed by all the mothers, strollers and babies. We also happened to run into quite a few people that we knew. We seem to be pregnant during a time when a lot of our friends are pregnant. Since Toronto doesn't host a lot of baby shows, it seems that everyone who is pregnant or has small children, flocked to this show to see what good deals could be found. There were some great deals and Geoff almost purchased another stroller. His new obsession is strollers. Even when we were in the Dominican Republic, he was asking all of the other families there how they liked their strollers. I love how enthusiastic he's been about his little guy. It's everything I can do to stop him from buying a $1200 Orbit stroller. Our son will not care whether he rides in a $150 stroller or a $1600 stroller. Thank goodness :)

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