Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Fun

This Easter weekend was a BUSY one. Geoff and I have been pretty fortunate to have gotten Easter weekend off together every year for the past 3 years. It means that we've had the opportunity to share Easter with Mira! There is really nothing more exciting than waking up to a kid shrieking with excitement because the Easter bunny has just littered their room with chocolate treats and stuffies!

Friday night we went out with our good friends Jay and Brenna for dinner here in Georgetown. We also spent the day out in Niagara region with our friend Tara and Ron who had offered to replace Geoff's snow tires with his summer ones. It meant that Mira spent about 5 straight hours playing with a toy poodle puppy. You can only imagine how much Mira has talked about this little tootsie roll (he's brown in colour) since!

Saturday, we made our way down to the Seymour residence for a fantastic Easter dinner. I love turkey, ham, stuffing and all the other fixings. Mira met a new friend Madeline and they played wonderfully considering it was their first time meeting!

Sunday we then went to hang out with the Snyckers at their house. It's become tradition to spend our holidays with them. They are from South Africa and their families are still over there. So it means that every Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas, etc we are having a big family dinner with them. Every Easter we hide eggs for all the kids to find and we just have a blast. They are like my family apart from blood. :)
So another Easter has come and gone, with all the traditions that I love so much. The eggs, the chocolate, the stuffed bunnies, the pretty Easter dresses and ribbons.....I LOVE holidays with kids. 

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