Saturday, April 14, 2012

India Bound

My little girl is officially on a plane headed for India. She is going to experience the most amazing things. She is going to taste the most incredible, authentic indian food (she's a big fan of indian food) and she'll interact with some pretty incredible people. What a lucky girl my daughter is. She is seeing the world, a very different part of the world, through the eyes of someone young and unassuming. She is still a sponge, a blank slate on which to make an impression. Travelling to a place like India at her age will, hopefully, provide her with an appreciation for different cultures, languages and religions. She will be unbiased in her feelings towards those who come from a different place than her. I am so excited for her.

My heart aches and she's been gone for only an hour and a half. I am re-assured by the fact that she is having fun with her family and that she's well taken care of. The countdown has begun.....9 days left until I can hug my little munchkin....

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