Wednesday, April 4, 2012

28 1/2 Weeks

My body woke up one morning at 28 weeks and it decided that since we were in the third trimester, we should probably start feeling like we were in the third trimester. It seems like overnight I started to feel uncomfortable. Yes, being bigger and feeling like you have a basketball under your shirt certainly contributes to the awkwardness of pregnancy but this pregnancy has presented some different sensations that I don't remember having with Mira.

My ribs are sore. They feel like they are bruised.

I have two really sensitive spots on the outside of my baby bump that really hurt when anyone touches them. Think of a super painful bruise (minus the black and blue colour) and that's how it feels. Typically Mira chooses to "kiss" the baby right on one of those spots, which makes these endearing kisses, painful.

On Tuesday I did have to make a visit to the Milton District Hospital to get my RhoGam shot. For this, I had to visit the obstetrics unit where I had Mira 5 1/2 years ago. I walked right past the room where I had first met Mira on that October night. It actually made me quite emotional that in this same hospital, where I finally met my little girl, Geoff and I will be meeting our little boy. In a few short weeks I'll be back at that hospital to welcome another precious little person into the world.

A nice treat for me, after getting my shot, was that the nurse asked me if I wanted to hear Baby G's heartbeat. Of course I jumped at the chance. The nurse was sweet and felt my belly to determine how Baby G was lying to best get a heart rate. She quickly determined that the little guy is lying diagonal with his head down and his feet jammed up in the right side of my body. He kicked at the nurse several times while she was feeling around in there. Atta boy!

His little heart rate was 153. Very strong and healthy. We move into this final stretch of pregnancy and I know that as much as there are going to be bruises and cramps, Braxton Hicks contractions and swelling, all of it is so worth it for this little man. Our little prince who will soon join our family.


Shannon said...

We had our appointment today with the ob/gyn and baby G is head down! He is getting ready for his big debut in a few weeks :)

Kristen said...

How exciting!