Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Baby's Home

 My baby girl is home from India. What an incredible time she had. Judging from the stories she's telling me and the photos I've seen, I'm just thrilled that she was able to go.

She spent a great deal of time with her cousins. Despite the age gap, she had the time of her life with them.

Nine days seemed like eternity to me, but I'm sure it flew by for her. She has done exceptionally well at recovering from the 16 hour flight. Her appetite is good and she has a healthy little glow on her face.

She kept a journal of sorts while she was there. Her teacher at school recommended that she keep one to show the class when she got back.

I hope to keep with the tradition of travel for my little girl. I want her to see the world and take in all its beauty and it's reality as well. I want her to see that not everyone in the world has things as good as she does and that it'll encourage her to be both thankful and generous towards those in need.

So much for her to learn about.....

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