Monday, January 23, 2012

Our New House....delayed....again

Our new house has been delayed yet once again. When we  purchased the house (from plans) back in November 2010, we were given the closing date of January 16th 2012. We were anticipating some delays as that is typically the norm with new builds.

Georgetown is notorious for taking a long time to finish new builds, usually because of different permits taking so long to go through. After an inital delay of a few months, our closing date was changed to May 16th 2012. Part of us was happy to be moving in when the weather was a little nicer (vs. snow) but we were also overwhelmed by the possibility of having to move into our new place a month before our little munchkin comes into the picture. That is a lot to manage on top of an impending birth!!

So now, after a few months of driving by a dirt  pit, we have realized that our dream (and possible nightmare) of trying to settle into our new place in the spring will not be a reality. It has been confirmed that we'll be moving into our new place in September 2012. It's a blessing while a frustration all at the same time. Soon enough our new little family can take shape in our new home.

Fingers crossed this is the last delay!!


Rebecca Stratton said...

Well, moving into a new house can really be stressful. You can expect a lot of hassle along the way. But then that delay came as blessing in disguise. At least you can't be hassled with the move now since you're more preoccupied with your delivery.

Rebecca Stratton

Randy said...

Permits are very hard to secure, and you will have to go through various steps to obtaining it. But it's worth it, and now, it looks like all is well for you and your family. Congrats on your new home, Shannon! :)

[Randy Robinson]