Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Eagle Lake Weekend

Downtown Haliburton: Notice snowmobiles
 This past weekend Geoff, Mira and I loaded up the van and headed north. My Dad is renting a place in Eagle Lake, 15 minutes outside of Haliburton. He is renting it for work while he still owns his house in Ancaster. It's the perfect little setting for my father who is an avid skier, snow shoe-er, cross country skier and hiker. He loves the outdoors and so having a cozy little cottage in the middle of the forest is perfect for him.

Geoff and I decided that a weekend away to let Mira do some skiing would be perfect and it was perfect, despite a few little hiccups.

We left Thursday night after Mira's soccer game and it's a good 3 1/2 hour trip up there. About halfway through the drive, Mira started complaining of a sore stomach. I figured it was all the timbits that she had on the way up there. Sure enough, however, as soon as we opened up the van doors on my Dad's driveway, all of those timbits made another visit. She was sick. The night was spent up with Mira as she threw up and threw up and threw up. The stomach bug had officially hit our family.
Mira taking in some new skills on the slope
 By morning, Mira was in much better spirits, although still tired. I spent Friday snuggled in our cozy cabin watching movies while Geoff went off to work with my Dad.
Friday night we went into Haliburton to see the sights. The snow had fallen and now it appeared to be easier to get around on a snowmobile than in car. Especially in our minivan, which we were hoping to not have to buy winter tires for this season!

We visited the McKeck's restaurant, which was cool for hockey fanatic Geoff.

Saturday morning we got up and dropped Mira off at the Sir Sams ski hill so she could do some private ski lessons. She was so excited to ski since her first time doing it last year at Blue Mountain. Despite still being lethargic (she hadn't eaten a whole lot either since Thursday night) thanks to her stomach flu, she put on a brave face and smiled the whole lesson.

Saturday night we had a nice night in, enjoying movies and the fireplace. I then went to bed, to be attacked by the stomach bug that had plagued Mira on Thursday night. I was up all night. The poor little guy in my tummy was not impressed with Mommy barfing I'm sure.
M enjoying hot chocolate at the Sir Sams chalet

Dad's ceaser/appetizer/salad. Ha ha.

We spent lots of time catching up on family stuff, touring the area looking at potential investment properties, dreaming of the day when I can ski again (next winter), soaking up the sun in the Sir Sams chalet, enjoying hot chocolate and the Muskoka Brewery cream ale (Geoff mainly) and walking Austin in the chest deep snow. What a fantastic weekend! Although both Mira and I had our dealings with the flu, it certainly didn't damper our family weekend away! The plans are already in the works for another trip!

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