Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Living Things

This spring has started early here in Ontario. This week we have had nothing but record breaking temperatures, lots of sunshine and a few arguments with Mira with regards to her not being allowed to play outside until the sun goes down. This little girl has to be up at 5:20am every morning so that we can get her to the baby sitter for 6am.

My daughter is a nature lover and it becomes especially obvious when spring comes around. My little Greenpeace advocate always stuns me with her environmental awareness and love of all things living. Last night, on the way to ballet,the weather was stunning so we were driving with the windows down. The sun was pouring in the back window and Mira had her eyes closed and was soaking in the rays on her beautiful little face. Appreciating the warmth and beauty of the sunshine comes natural to her. After taking in some rays, Mira pointed out a lady bug that had found its way into the back of the minivan.

She mentioned how beautiful "she" was and then proceeded to say "mama, we don't squish beautiful lady bugs do we?"
Me: "No baby, we don't squish any living things. We don't kill animals or bugs".
Mira: "Ya, because she is our only hope."
Me: "She is our only hope?"
Mira: "Ya, animals and living things on the planet are our only hope for a healthy Canada and a healthy planet"
Me: "Wow, where did you hear that?"
Mira: "Nowhere. I learned it myself. 'Cause I'm smart."

I was stunned and so proud of my little environmentalist. Whether she learned it through school, through the babysitter or through her family, she has it figured out and at a much earlier age than I ever expected or hoped. She has learned to respect all animals and living creatures, not just the ones we share our house with (dogs/cats/pet fighting fish). She has figured out that all living creatures, no matter how big or how small, have a special role in our environment and she respects that.

I mentioned this to Geoff today and he said that she had said the same thing to him the day before, but about caterpillars, not lady bugs. Makes me a proud mama :)

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