Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me

Happy Birthday to me. It was my 33rd birthday yesterday. I spent the day not doing anything spectacular. I enjoyed my daughter, boyfriend, dog, the little one on the way and....Thai food. Geoff treated me to some amazing Thai food for my special day. Tonight we are doing the night out with Geoff's parents (his Dad had a birthday March 6) to celebrate at our favourite little Georgetown pub called the St. George. Mira loves this restaurant because every tuesday night they play darts. Mira calls it the "arrow game" and it provides her with much enjoyment.

It's funny how birthdays as a adult (and an adult with children/being pregnant) is totally different then when I was younger. I forgot my own birthday last year and this year, well, it passed without much anything. No major drama (which I'm grateful for) and all of the wonderful people (and dog) in my life were with me to celebrate. Not too shabby I think for birthday #33. :)

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