Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The After Christmas

Christmas has come and gone for another year. I'm always shocked by how much preparation goes into Christmas, only to have it come and go in a flash. I can't believe that we are already almost 4 days past Christmas. Next on the agenda: New Years!!

This year, Christmas Eve was spent with Geoff's parents, sipping wine (well, everyone but Mira and I), eating appetizers and chit chatting, catching up on the latest. Mira loves going over to Geoff's parents house (Granna and Grampa as she calls them) as his mom has a large selection of teddy bears and toy snowmen to play with. A kids heaven really.

Christmas Day, we packed up the van and went to Ancaster to visit with my Dad, Pam and my three brothers Matt, Brandon and Drew. We had brunch together since I had to have Mira back to her Dad for about 2pm. It was a quick visit, but always a good one. Christmas night, Geoff and I had big plans to go to a movie since we didn't have Mira. A good opportunity for a "date night". However, we were feeling totally run off our feet from all the Christmas chaos and so we opted for pajamas, chicken soup and television. It was actually really nice. Just the two of us, enjoying some alone time together :)

Boxing Day, Geoff and I decided to host the annual Boxing Day party at our place for all of our friends and family. All of the usual suspects made an appearance as well as some new faces from the Lynden Circle crowd (our neighbours are always up for a good party) and Geoff's parents drove up to partake which was a great surprise.

Overall, the holidays were a success. We are worn out and ready for a vacation, but we couldn't have been happier with the time we spent with our friends and family. We got great gifts for one another and Mira's face lit up continuously throughout the holidays with such a glow that it made me want to tear up with happiness. My daughter has come to appreciate the holiday season. She is now patient when it comes to opening presents, waiting for others to take their turn at opening. She is grateful for the presents she gets. These are all signs that my little one is growing up and maturing. She actually said to me the other day at my parents house "It's okay Mama if I don't get any presents. I'm still going to be happy." Made my heart sing to hear that. Of course, she did get presents, but she was grateful. Not something you see very often in a 5 year old.

This was our last Christmas as a family of three. Next year there will a 6 month old yanking at the tree and ripping the wrapping paper. I love it. It's all about family after all.

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