Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hello, again.

 After a three month hiatus from my blog, I am here again. I have a whole new blog with a new look.

I have so much to share since I last blogged. In fact, it now seems quite appropriate to have a fresh start.
So many wonderful things have happened in the past 12 weeks. Where do I even begin?

Laying on his/her back

I guess a good place to start would be with the announcement that we are pregnant. Geoff and I are going to be welcoming an adorable little boy or girl in the month of June. Baby Seymour is currently 13 1/2 weeks old growing bigger by the day. Thus far, baby bean has been growing like a weed, often measuring big for his/her age. This is a great sign!

Mira is super excited about becoming a big sister. She has told me that she wants three little brothers. Thankfully there is only one baby in that womb as having three little ones would be insane! I would always be grateful for whatever I was given, but having one at a time seems a little more manageable.

So far, the pregnancy has been pretty good to me. Some nausea (more than with Mira for sure) and fatigue. It unfortunately hit it's peak while I was in Punta Cana. As tired as I was, it seems that lying on a beach chair in the sun is conducive to managing morning/afternoon/evening sickness and so this was easy to achieve while at an all-inclusive resort.

Folks, this bean is a mover! He/she doesn't stop jumping up and down every time the technician moves in for a look with her magic wand. It's like baby knows that he/she is on display for the world to see. What a show! The technician was able to catch the baby mid-jump in the picture on the left.

I don't know how to top a more than welcome pregnancy when it comes to news. We managed to get away to Punta Cana. It was the first all-inclusive trip for Mira and I. We'd never been to an all-inclusive resort and to be honest, I wasn't sure how I'd like it. I have a hard time sitting still. I can get bored sitting in a chair for any period of time. However, I was pleasantly surprised that I could lay there and do nothing for extended periods of time. Found it quite easy actually. Whether it was baby bean forcing me to relax and take advantage or whether it was my "inner Shannon" coming to appreciate the laid back, I-don't-need-to-cook-or-clean concept.

 A big purchase for us this fall was a minivan. Yup, we gave up the truck for the convenience and practicality (certainly not the coolness) of a minivan. We opted for a Dodge Grand Caravan for a number of reasons. It was the right price and it had the right options that we were looking for. It's certainly not a flashy vehicle and not nearly as cool as my F-150 (*sniff*) but we admitted that a minivan is what would best suit our needs with two kids and a dog. Geoff has finally gotten used to the "loser cruiser" and has even admitted to liking it.

I am enjoying being back on this blog already and I've only written a page. Blog, how I have missed you. I hope that you forgive me for my long abscence. 

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